June 24, 2015 - Triumphant Return from FRANCE/SPAIN tour de Guten Tag Gemini!

Bonjour les amis! Hola amics! Lederhosen Lucil and I recently returned from one roller coaster tour of hits and misses, magical children, distortion and distraction, beautiful food and sweet new friends. We played in parks, movie theatres, cinĂ©mas and salons. To give you a glimpse into this adventure we sifted through photos and punk rock footage and created this video diary. Special thanks to Mallory Roberts and Yagos Koliopanos for helping capture some of these moments and making the tour both more comfortable, delicious and HILARIOUS. And a milio de gracies to the Catalan folk who hosted us in Girona/Palafrugell. True salts of the earth!

In transit - trains, planes, and everything in between - I wrote some new material that is shaping into a full album. Another?? YES! Who knows when and where it shall come to fruition but I'll keep you posted! Till then, if you want to cook in tandem with me check out my friend Alicia's new cookbook. The sweet potato latkes are delicious! Happy Summer!