February 24, 2015 - Chanson-O-Grammes & Upcoming Shows!

February has been a busy month what with custom love songs being delivered to beloved ones as well as working on the "Lullaby Project" (researching, arranging and writing lullabies for voice/ukulele). Click hear to listen to a few of the 2015 CHANSON-O-GRAMME custom commissions. And here's a lullaby I'm in the midst of finishing up - dedicated to my sister and niece entitled "Down Below."


 More to come!

Coming up fast and furious this weekend is the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. "Chicken On Clark" will be screened Fri/Sat with "Porch Stories". Really looking forward to being there to represent our indie record label/production company! Also, Lederhosen Lucil is making a rare appearance and revisiting the first songs she ever wrote on her trusty, rusty PSR-180. Not to be missed if you are in the vicinity!