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September 18, 2014

Freundlings! It has started out to be a surreal Pop to be SURE! Krista took a recording workshop yesterday hosted by Howard Bilerman at his Hotel2Tango studio with legendary live analog recordist STEVE ALBINI. She learned some new mic tricks for her upcoming album (see pics below for serious Krista profiles). Then she headed down to food lab at SAT today where Steve Albini narrated as he cooked one of his typical "after studio session meals". Moderated by head chef Michelle Marek. What a surreal treat for all! Final dishes were complex greens, bulgar risotto and steak angler. No dessert necessary.

Meanwhile I'm (Lederhosen LUCIL!) gearing up to play KidsPop BBQ Saturday at 13h30 at Parc Petit Italie with a wicked entertaining line-up from 12:30-6:30pm, ja! Fabricville, Country, so many fun bands!!! I'll be there sporting our neue "HYPO RECORDS" Microecoatnomy Shop. We even accept plastic if you fancy buying merchandise from our "shop".

Here's a Luke Wilson impersonator modeling it during a trial run. JAAA! SO many bands to check aut this year JJ Fad, Shonen Knife, The Adam Brown, Ronnie Spector, Dot WigginsÉon und on see you there!!!

August 26, 2014

Lucil to play POP MONTREAL! Come aut September 20th to the Petit Italie Park for the FREE Pop Montreal BBQ/showcaseÉset times TBA!

And while we here at hypo records play on, we want to take the time to pay homage to our dear friend, supportive fan and fellow arts advocate/journalist Ange-Aimee Woods who passed away due to heart failure in July. Krista performed one of Woods' favorites at the memorial "No Matter How Far" - echoing Tshala Muana's words "We sing everything. We have nothing else."

A memorial bursary for journalism students has been created in her honor. If you would like to read more about Ange-Aimee's work or to contribute you can do so here.She rocked every Lederhosen Lucil show she came to and was consulting on our upcoming tv series.

Here is a little clip of Lederhosen Lucil singing her bicycle song "Chicken On Clark" live:

We were disheartened to hear that The Julie Ruin had to cancel the remainder of their tour due to Kathleen Hanna's Lyme disease. The silver lining was coming across the moving documentary about her life/the Riot Grrrl movement. The doc is called "The Punk Singer". If you haven't seen it...

July 22, 2014

Freundlings! We hope you are enjoying your summertime - picnic'ing, melonade, schwimming, und spending lots of time outdoors with the people you liebe! We had to change our June tour plans due to illness, but things are stable now and we're looking forward to continuing to work on the tv series we've long been dreaming of. In June we experienced Kid Koala's/KK Barrett's premiere of Nufonia Must Fall Live at the Luminato festival, and rocked Hamilton (at "This Ain't Hollywood" mit the ausgezeichnet Tamara Sandor und Annie & The Honks) und then Toronto on Friday the 13th (The Cavern - curated by ubermusik lieber Mar Sellars)!

Here is a little clip of Lederhosen Lucil singing her bicycle song "Chicken On Clark" live:

We were disheartened to hear that The Julie Ruin had to cancel the remainder of their tour due to Kathleen Hanna's Lyme disease. The silver lining was coming across the moving documentary about her life/the Riot Grrrl movement. The doc is called "The Punk Singer". If you haven't seen it...

May 27, 2014
Guten Tag Geminis! Have you listened to our collaboration albummen yet? Nein? Check it aut here! We've also added the entire hypo records back catalogue to this bandcamp page so you can easily stream/purchase any of your favorites.

This summer Krista Muir & Lederhosen Lucil will be performing a few select dates so check in for updates. And we are happy that it's bicycle season! Although "Chicken On Clark" wasn't included in the upcoming NYC edition of the "Bicycle Film Festival" we're still actively seeking out venues to screen our dark comedy music video so if you are part of a bike club, festival, etc. email us at hose AT Lucil is also available for post-screening live performances as well. JA!

If you haven't already seen the video featuring The Clavicyclette, grim reaper, and Lederhosen Lucil biking with her clone friends biking around Montreal you can watch it here:

For bicycle stories check out our new friend Christine Bruce's blogTOTALLY SPOKED! She recently interviewed Krista about her bike history and the episode will be up on the CFRC archive soon.

February 1, 2014
HAPPY YEAR of das HORSE! Oh we have been busy spieling at hockey games, making DIY videos, und Krista has been teaching private ukulele students the James Hill ukulele method. JA! Und now back by popular demand we are offering the "Chanson-O-Gramme" service to friends und freundlings from near und far.

For only $50 you can choose either Krista Muir or Lederhosen Lucil (mich!) to sing your beloved a 60-second custom made song in either English or French. Then it will be sent directly to them as an MP3 on February 14th. For more details or to place your order today email das address on thee image above, ja! Orders must be received by February 12th at the latest in order to be shipped on V-Day.

Testimonials and song samples from last years Chanson-O-Gramme service can be heard here!

January 2, 2014

HAPPY NEUE JAHR FREUNDLINGS! WOW! Das ist the erst time I've typed 2014! We had a very busy 2013 und are ready for a NEUE JAHR! We rang in the end o' das year with our new video "Chicken On Clark:"

Then we spieled traditional hockey organ und original sports themed songs from the new album at two "Stars de Montreal" hockey games. I will spiel/DJ this January at two more games! Don't miss aut on this rare LL hockey action if you are in Mtl!

Here I am in action at das December 15th game sporting olympic gold medallist Caroline Ouellette's lucky #13 Jersey! My hockey twin as we are lefties, sport #13 und both spieled at das Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Ja! LISTEN/DOWNLOAD "Guten Tag Gemini" TODAY!

November 22, 2013
FREUNDLINGS! We are happy to announce that not only has "Guten Tag Gemini" been launched online - you can click HERE to get your very own copy now - but we have finished shooting/editing a hilarious music video for "Chicken On Clark" (the first track on the album) and will be launching it online NEXT WEEK! We've put up a teaser link for CHICKEN ON CLARK. We are currently booking live tour dates so maybe Lederhosen Lucil will come to your home town! If you are a concert promoter, own a venue or program a local festival and would love to book LL let us know. Also as were are still completely DIY if you would like to review the album for your zine, blog, or radio/tv show email us at "hose" AT "lederhosenlucil" DOTCOM. JA!!! New show dates are up and we are planning a "RETURN OF THE SOIRO BIZARRO" in early 2014 so watch aut.
October 28, 2013
THE BRAND NEUE ALBUM "GUTEN TAG, GEMINI!" is DONE DONE DONE! It's at the plant being manufactured into 500 limited edition CDs as I type this. One of my favorite bands of all time CAN/Bucks Music Group gave us permission to use samples from "Vitamin C" so the last track on the album features CAN from 1972, UBER JAAAAAA! The full album was mastered by Jen Munson (she also mastered "Tales From The Pantry") who is divine. We are so excited to launch it online November 15th through various digital channels. Physical copies can be bought through the Lucil store and at live shows only. YAAAAAY!!!! Right now we are working on some select tour dates. If you have a gym, gallery, cafŽ, speakeasy, school, restaurant, chocolate shop that you'd like to host a launch at get in touch with us at "hose" "at" "lederhosenlucil" "dot" "com." Otherwise, see you on line! New music video for "Chicken On Clark" coming soon! A special treat for all you bicycle lovers out there.

September 12, 2013
THE BRAND NEUE ALBUM "GUTEN TAG, GEMINI!" is so close freundlings! Lederhosen Lucil and Krista Muir finally came together in Haunted Hallways/Marsonic studios this summer/fall to produce an album featuring songs about women's hockey, hackers, vikings, sports, benign cysts, sensitive boys, rich families, bi-polarity and MORE! It is another DIY genre-bending album with pop, electro, garage and rock n' roll numbers. Special guests on sax, cello, drums, saw, viking chorusÉoh, it's a veritable treat! Tracks "Sensitive Boy/Rich Family" were done live off the floor with Krista/Lucil's friends "The Mercy Buckets" in Ottawa just after Krista's successful surgery (you need not ask - just listen to "Hair Baby" on the new album). JAAAAA!

This fall also brought a wicked collaboration between KM/LL and their favorite photographer Jocelyn Michel. What they created together is pure eye candy bliss! Deciding upon cover art and web redesign (yes, I know it's been a hilariously long time coming - our priorities have always been music, costumes, delicious food and THEN a modern websiteÉha ha!) will not be easy. Here are a few pics from the shoot:

July 12, 2013
PRE-ORDER "GUTEN TAG, GEMINI!" today on our kapipal site und help Lederhosen Lucil make her brand neue albummen mit Krista. Together at last in das studio!Kapipal

Lederhosen Lucil and Krista Muir are busy recording and mixing their new album between Montreal, Toronto, Kingston and Saturn. The overarching theme is the heart - physical fitness, love and interconnectivity! With some other oddities thrown in for good measure. Who doesn't love a ditty about a dermoid cyst or an internet hacker??

May 18, 2013

Last Wednesday Krista spieled a BEAUTIFUL show in Montreal at "Quai des Brumes" as part of a Cabaret Folk showcase curated by Traveling Headcase. She played new songs from the vault including "Sensitive Boy" und "Rich Family" which are now both up in unmastered "teaser" versions on the hypo records soundcloud site. Krista, long-time lofi video maker has also made an 80's inspired video for the wicked new "Between Atoms Le Pierre Crube Remix." Check ca, ja! If you want to add this song to your summer workout mix you can download the track on Krista's bandcamp page. 50% of profits go towards our upcoming split project, ja! Here is the link to our fundraising site - help us make das next album "Guten tag, Gemini!"

MAY 24th - ONEMANDBAND FESTIVAL: I'm spieling at Montreal's ONEMANBAND Festival at Casa del Popolo on Friday, May 24th. Line-up is The Kettle Black, Lederhosen Lucil, Thomas Truax undo Wax Mannequin. See you soon! Tickets $12 at the door, ja!!!

April 10, 2013

After a few months of being sehr dormant I'm waking up und getting ready for a spring show at Casa del Popolo mit Wax Mannequin und friends as part of the ONEMANBAND Festival. Und a long zeit coming, I'll be launching a neue EP in 2013 - you've all been so very patient, ja! Single "Chicken On Clark" soon to be released jaaaaaa!

Krista was up to musical and literary shenanigans while residing in Marfa, TX for three weeks und ended up writing an ode to the windy, dusty, bizarre and beautiful town population 2121+1. Krista will be releasing a new single "Sensitive Boy" this spring.


Wednesday, May 15th - Mtl - Quai des Brumes - Krista Muir + Guests

Friday, May 24th - Mtl - Casa del Popolo - Lederhosen Lucil + Guests


I had some fun mit das ye olde Yamaha PSR-180 last week und recorded mein first Christmas mashup of two classic songs. Recorded at das Secret Spot und at Sonart in Montreal mit engineer-mixer-freund Pascal Desjardins. Hope you enjoy it, ja! Click here for FUN:CHRISTMAS LUCIL MIX

November 20, 2012

Freundlings! It's that season of parties und rich food und drink und singing und tanzen und perhaps winter romancing! What better way to celebrate this years end than with a electro pop rock out visit from Lederhosen Lucil herself?

For ein limited time only (2012-2014 inclusive) you can book LL for your office party, wedding, birthday (provided they are smoke + perfume + pet free) for ein fee+transportation. ZOW! Is this true? Ja! It is!!! All funds go directly to das "Future of Lucil" project which consists of a new album set to release in 2013 as well as ein TV series (in early development stage - it will happen one day freundlings. Even if Lucil is 107 when the pilot comes out!). SO to tempt you gut und properly we've made ein ramshackle bare bones deluxe promo video for you to get excited about. Here it is:

September 17, 2012
Yeee hawwwwww freundlings! Looks like it's time for Lucil to shake off das dust in the pantry und emerge for KIDSPOP 2012! Lederhosen Lucil und a host of other pop delights will be spieling at the Parc de Petite Italie Saturday, September 22nd. Starts at 1pm, Lucil hits the stage at 4:00pm. MUSIC - BBQ - TOMFOOLERY. FREE to the public and open to kids of all ages! Check out the KidsPop website for more info. In other neues, Lederhosen Lucil will be hitting the studio to work on a neue album this fall/winter to be released in late 2013. For the first time in seven years creator Krista Muir (who was busy releasing 3 albums/touring the globe/composing a mini operetta for interactive digital arts group "DTLJ") has finally agreed to let Lucil loose and bring back the hosen!

June 27, 2012
The opening of "Kit Operette" at the Gaite Lyrique in Paris, France (former opera house, circus school, Inspector Gadget Theme Park!) was a great success. The group show entitled "Joue Le Jeu" featured interactive games for all ages and was UBER fun, ja! It runs until August 12th and we are hoping to bring it to more modern art galleries worldwide that focus on interactive digital art. Here are a few snaps from the opening night of the installation (music by Krista Muir - soon to be available online!). As soon as we have video of the piece we'll post it!

The triumphant trio Melissa Mongiat, Krista Muir and Mouna Andraos

"Tempete" was a favourite scene/songÉfeaturing a surround screen rainstorm, thunder box, vocal pompoms and twirling umbrellas!

In other neues, Lederhosen Lucil is working on her next album! A single "Chicken On Clark" will be released in fall 2012Éwatch aut, ja. Und if you are in Montreal this July check aut Krista live at one of the two following events. She will be playing new material including excerpts from her first operetta "Kit Operette."

Saturday, July 14th - Montreal Montreal Uke Festival (produced by Ukulele Club de Montreal) featuring Krista Muir, James Hill & more! Sala Rosa/Casa del Popolo - Doors 19h - Tickets $25/30 (includes a full day of workshops, uke film, and concert)

Saturday, July 28th - Montreal Yelp Helps! Les Deux Gamins - 15-18h - Music at 17h - FREE with RSVP

Members of the Yelp community have nominated exceptional non-profits to be featured in our free event celebrating local causes! This event is happening in partnership with award winning non-profit arts festival Pop Montreal and with the Canadian Liver Foundation, with free food and drinks for all RSVP'd guests at the lovely Deux Gamins on Prince Arthur.

March 21, 2012
Ich bin back in Montreal und almost fully recovered from what was definitely the most intense but fun SXSW to date! With over 8,000 bands playing over the course of the week it was hard not to get completely overwhelmed and lost in das mayhem. But Krista finally had the chance to see ausgezeichnet bands like The Magnetic Fields, Daniel Johnston, Lionel Ritchie (und Kenny Rogers came on stage to sing "Lady" mit him - das BEST!), The Cult (Krista caught the lead player's guitar pick, ja!), Gary Lucas' live soundtrack to Coffin Joe's "This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse" und so many random und amazing bands from Taiwan, Ireland, Iceland and beyond! She also ate much BBQ und participated in Fashion X and managed to see Bruce Springsteen's story-telling keynote speech at das conference centre. JA!

Before SXSW I had das pleasure of climbing out of Krista's suitcase und spieling in San Antonio at "Big Spill Festival" mit Best Coast, UN, und DJ Jester. Und after that at SX I rocked Ceeplus' Culture Vulture day party. Here I am rockin' in mein sailorhosen:

Krista has told me that this year she'll make time for me in das studio to record ein neue albummen. It's been a few years since my "Aqua Love" single release so I'm ready to REEEEECORD! I'll keep you posted on developments mein freundlings. Here's to spring!

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