April 3, 2016 - WINDS of WICHITA!

Wichita, Kansas was a surreal dream where LL and I landed from March 14-27th to create and perform for the local community in two different gallery spaces - FISCH HAUS and WAM. According to locals we experienced every weather system with the exception (thankfully) of the famous tornado that blew Dorothy to Oz. There was a mini heatwave, hail and snow, bitter powerful winds and even a mild earthquake due to fracking. I explored art deco theatres, galleries, eateries, thrift stores and watched hundreds of cargo trains pass by while researching, composing and piecing together the first "Chanson-O-Grammes: Beloved Object Edition." Lucil was also the special musical guest at the WAM and performed to the delight of 3-4 year olds. 


This collaborative song-telling project was sparked by a lyric from a song I wrote "Summer Eyes": Nothing is sacred unless you make it so. Often seemingly innocuous objects contain ascribed significance, hidden from view. A ratty old t-shirt that your mother keeps throwing away: a gift from your first love. A tacky little plastic figurine: a lucky talisman you found at the airport before leaving on a life-changing trip. This project will crack these stories open in a playful, reflective, and musical way.

Armed with a borrowed uke, synth and seven beloved objects from the Wichita community I set out on a creative journey. As always, unexpected twists and turns ensued. Thanks to the Fisch Haus family (Elizabeth Stevenson & Patrick Duegaw sparked the start!), Emily Bonavia for flying me there, and Kylie Brown (Creative Rush) for going above and beyond as the ultimate host.